Dentists in Tulsa at South Tulsa Dental

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Dentists in Tulsa at South Tulsa Dental

Are you looking for the best dentists in Tulsa? Do you and your family need state-of-the-art dental care? You should definitely try South Tulsa Dental. They hold the reputation as having the best dental care available for you. Get you and your family smiles whipped into shape today by calling 918-628-0834.

South Tulsa Dental is boasted as Tulsa’s best place for high quality dental care for you and your family. For being a first-time visitor they offer a new patient specials. Their goal is to verify the best and most efficient dental treatment with high quality customer service being caring compassionate about your needs. Their service is easy and affordable as well as they offer a variety of financial options and dental insurance plans. They have a staff trained and dedicated to provide the best and most comfortable patient experience.

Their dentist, Dr. Chris Tricinella, is the most knowledgeable dentist for you. He dedicates his time to make sure that you have a beautiful and vibrant smile making for a higher self-confidence and a more improved self worth and image. Dr. Tricinella was raised in Tulsa and graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Biology from Northeastern State University. Then in 2007 graduated from The University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry with a Doctorate of Dental Surgery. He’s been serving Tulsa’s dental care needs ever since

Dr. Tricinella is known as one of the best dentists in Tulsa and performs all aspects of family and cosmetic dentistry. Specializing in esthetic and computerized CAD/CAM dentistry, digital x-rays, and same day emergency services, he is well knowledgeable of what to do in whatever dental situation. Dr. Tricinella attends various educational courses to more master his craft in the latest advancements in dental technology. He is also affiliated with the American Dental Association, Academy of Gen. Dentistry, and the Oklahoma Dental Association. In addition, Dr. Tricinella also volunteers several times a year to provide complementary dental services for those in need through Eastern Oklahoma Donated Dental Services.

So for the best and most qualified dentist in Tulsa choose Dr. Chris Tricinella over at South Tulsa Dental. He is the most knowledgeable and experienced for the job, and his staff is the most professional and displays the highest quality of customer service. They want you and your family to be their future dental patients. They understand the importance of repeat patients and referrals. When you get the best service you tell everyone about it. This is their ultimate goal. Book your appointment at South Tulsa Dental today by calling 918-628-0834.

This content was written for South Tulsa Dental

South Tulsa Dental for Dentist South Tulsa

So I see you’re looking for a new dentist South Tulsa. I’m pretty sure you wanting the best Tulsa has to offer. The name that keeps popping up in this subject seems to be South Tulsa Dental. This is for very good reason. Tulsa boast them as the best in dental care and quality customer service. Visit South Tulsa today.

Choosing the best dental care for you and your family is very important as this will be needed over the years. Making sure you and your family have bright and vibrant smiles makes for a family of four self-confidence and self-worth. Basically great smiles make for great lives. Let the staff over at South Tulsa Dental provide you with exceptional customer service and make you and your family smile with excellent dental care. There is no better dental care and South Tulsa.

Dr. Christopher Tricinella is the honorable dentist at South Tulsa Dental. He prides himself on constantly continuing his education and the latest technologies of dentistry to better and efficiently serve his patients. Dr. Tricinella offers many dental services including cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening, dentures and partials, crowns and bridges, veneers, emergency services, and even Botox. He is well knowledgeable and experienced in the services for pediatrics as well as adults. He do high quality and efficient dental work for the whole family.

Dr. Tricinella attended Northeastern State University and The University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry obtaining his Bachelors Degree in Biology and his Doctorate of Dental Surgery. He has been practicing his dental services in Tulsa since 2007 and has a high rate of referrals and repeat patients. Performing all aspects of cosmetic and family dentistry he keeps a particular emphasis on digital x-rays, same-day emergency services, and computerized as well as esthetic CAD/CAM dentistry. He also does volunteer dentistry work for Eastern Oklahoma Donated Dental Services and is affiliated with the American Dental Association and the Oklahoma dental Association. He is also currently serving as the president for the Oklahoma Academy of Gen. Dentistry.

There is no better dentist South Tulsa for you and your family. South Tulsa Dental is the best place with the most professionalism and high quality customer service. Their dentist is the most knowledgeable and experienced dentist in South Tulsa. Let Dr. Tricinella get you and your families smiles back bright and brilliant and build the families self-confidence. A family of great smiles is Dr. Tricinella’s goal. Call 918-628-0834 or visit to book an appointment today.


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