A Beautiful Smile

A Beautiful Smile

This article was written for South Tulsa Dental.

Chances are when you are in need of a root canal in Tulsa it is an emergency. There is only one dental office that offers the latest cutting edge technology paired with an emergency dental service in the Tulsa Metro area. This amazing dental office has one location in Tulsa, Oklahoma and is called South Tulsa Dental. Not only do they offer emergency dental services they also offer same day dental services on almost all of their operations. For any questions, general information or to make your next appointment today give them a call at 918-628-0834.

Our teeth are so close to our brain that when they hurt the pain is drastically amplified. Our teeth are also unable to heal themselves throughout their lifetime. Over time the enamel on our teeth wear down allowing harmful plaque and bacteria to build up inside cavities. When a tooth has been totally destroyed by decay the nerve endings start to die. Once a tooth is starting to die or is already dead the root canal must be performed. For many offices around the Tulsa area this dental service is a two-step procedure. The first appointment is more of a pain relief than a permanent solution. It takes a second appointment to get the tooth fitted for a new molding and sealed up.

One of the cutting-edge technological features south also has to offer is an in-house molding machine. This allows them to get you in and out with the completed tooth in the same day. Using their services will alleviate the elongated pain of meeting two separate appointments to completely repair your tooth. Their offices stay open until 7 PM Monday through Thursday and until noon on Friday to offer those who work a full day the ability to come in and get their teeth fixed at the end of it. Their services are is not only fast and reliable you will be in the hands of some of the most friendly dental technicians also has to offer.

Another one of the great technological features South Tulsa Dental has to offer is in the area of x-rays. They have two different types of x-rays that are state-of-the-art and only found at their office. They are able to take 3-D x-rays of the inside of the mouth. This enables them to see all aspects of any potential problem and address the current problem at hand. This is extremely useful for areas in the back of the mouth that are unseen by conventional 2-D x-rays. There also able to do these x-rays and an extremely timely manner through digital x-ray technology. This allows them to display their x-rays on 22 inch monitor located above the patient at the click of a button. There will also put iPad in your hand that is full of educational videos and step-by-step walk-throughs of the procedures you undergo.

Working with their office is extremely fun and comforting knowing that your teeth are in the hands of the most elite professionals and also. They specialize in using the latest technologies and emergency care services to make their customers feel welcome and well cared for. First-time visitors can also get a special $99 cleaning, exam and x-rays. This is an offer they can’t be passed that so don’t hesitate to pick up your phone and give them a call at 918 628-0834. When you give them a call, don’t forget to ask them how your dentist appointment can give a smile to those less fortunate.

Same-Day Dental

This article was written for South Tulsa Dental.

There’s nothing more frustrating than going to the dentist office seeking much-needed relief only to have to come back a day later or even a few days later to get your tooth finally repaired. When choosing South also dental for all of your root canals in Tulsa you are guaranteeing yourself same-day service. There is no greater feeling them know you will be able to make your appointment walk in the office and leave with a completed tooth. Their staff utilizes some of today’s best technology in making this process happen as quickly and pain free as possible. With your next appointment today at 918-628-0834 or stop by one of their location in Tulsa.

If you find yourself needing a root canal and also their chances is an emergency situation. There is only one dental office that offers emergency root canal services and also. South Tulsa Dental is home to some of the most trained dentist professionals in the area that are eager to fix your tooth and one complete setting. This exact feature has brought people back time and time again over the years to get their dental service done. There’s a great comfort knowing that you are working with people who care for the health of your teeth a little more than you.

If you find yourself needing their emergency services after a long day of work their offices are open Monday through Thursday until 7 PM and until noon on Friday. They are able to do a completed root canal in one day due to the great technology they have in-house. They have their own molding machine that helps produce to his moldings within minutes. The normal dental office around the Tulsa area must wait days for a molding to be sent off and returned. At South Tulsa Dental you are assured to get your molding back and be sent on your way in just one setting.

You can rest assure that they will fully fix your tooth and any other possible problem that may lie within your teeth. They utilize today’s latest x-ray technology and both 3-D and digital. Their 3-D x-rays give them a 360° view of the tooth and its surroundings. This can help them see behind teeth and around portions of the jaw that are not easily navigated any other way. Tools like this are important when ensuring the health of your tooth. It’s not often that we leave with one problem fixed and come back with another in just a few weeks. These trained professionals have the technology that is able to fully assess your teeth and any problem that may lie within.

If you find yourself in need of a root canal in Tulsa look no further. They have one great also location that will make you feel more comfortable in your own home. Their technicians are friendly, energetic and full of knowledge waiting to assist whatever your dental needs are. For any information check out their website at www.southtulsadental.com reach out to them by phone at 918-628-0834. You can book an appointment both online and by phone today. Don’t forget to check out the giving back portion of their website to see how your smile gives a smile.

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