Get Help For Your Mouth: Root Canals Tulsa

Get Help For Your Mouth: Root Canals Tulsa

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Root canals Tulsa can be some of the most dreaded words known to the adult world. Like everything as we have gotten older our teeth have taken quite a beating. While the procedure probably won’t be pain-free, the good folks at South Tulsa Dental work hard to make it as pleasant as possible. At South Tulsa Dental you will be treated with care and compassion by all of their staff members. If you’re ready for a better dentist experience then pick up the phone call South Tulsa Dental. Reach their office at 918-628-0834.

Root canals Tulsa is a procedure that is used to repair and save the tooth that is become badly decayed or infected. Without treatment, the tooth itself could become infected or even abscessed. During the procedure the nerve and pulled from inside the tooth will be removed. The tooth will then be cleaned and sealed. Rest assured though, the tooth nerve is not vital to the tooth health or function. Nobody wants to get a root canal but if you leave the damaged tissue or pulp, it will begin to break down in bacteria and other decay can form leading to far worse dental problems down the road.

Root canals Tulsa are not the only dental emergency that can occur. If you are experiencing severe tooth pain don’t waste any time. Pick up the phone and call the good folks at South Tulsa Dental today. Patients with severe tooth pain are seen that very same day. Like many things, early treatment is the best form of treatment. Sports often lead to dramatic injuries that cause chips or breaks in the teeth. Dr. Tricinella and his team at South Tulsa Dental can treat these types of injuries the same day that they occur. So if you’re having severe tooth pain or another form of traumatic tooth injury don’t waste any time. Call South Tulsa Dental today.

For many of these procedures, you may want to be sedated. Rest assured, Dr. Tricinella is certified in both pediatric and adult conscious sedation. The most common form of conscious sedation you sent in his offices nitrous oxide, otherwise known as laughing gas. Laughing gas is a safe and effective form of sedation. In fact, the patient can return to normal activity immediately following the services. While sedation is not required for all dental treatments or patients, for those who do need it is reassuring to know that it is readily available.

When it comes time to find your Tulsa dentist look no further than Dr. Chris Tricinella and his fabulous staff at South Tulsa Dental. Dr. Tricinella is the official dentist for the Tulsa roughnecks and would love to be your official dentist as well. Give your grin a much-needed makeover. To book your appointment calls 918-628-0834. Their caring and compassion staff will gladly help you find a time and date to suit your schedule.

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