Cutting Edge

Cutting Edge

This content was written for South Tulsa Dental.

A caring and compassionate Tulsa dentist with a reputation for exceptional professionalism Dr. Tricinella the owner of South Tulsa Dental and is highly trained staff are greatly invested in your smile. Dr. Tricinella received his graduate training from the University of Oklahoma where he received his Doctorate of Dental Surgery. Having served the Tulsa community since 2007, is dentist office specializes in the following procedures cosmetic and family dentistry, with a particular emphasis on esthetic and computerized CAD/CAM dentistry, digital X-rays, and same day emergency services. Dr. Tricinella is a highly qualified professional with affiliations to American Dental Association, Oklahoma Dental Association, the Academy of General Dentistry, and the Oklahoma Academy of General Dentistry. To receive an appointment call 918-628-0834. All first time visitors receive a free $99 cleaning.

The procedures performed by these Tulsa dentist are done so in a state-of-the-art cutting-edge medical environment. Every procedure that Dr. Tricinella performs his dog utilizing the latest and greatest advances in the dental industry. Their specific specialties are in the areas of esthetic and computerized CAD/CAM dentistry. An amazing feat of dental expertise merged together with technology to create customized digital images of your teeth. This advancement in dental technology allows specialist at South Tulsa Dental to create a customized dental plan for you
You can trust that when you use the offices of South Tulsa Dental you are receiving care and treatment from professionals who believe in continued education. They spend countless hours learning how to perform all their procedures at the highest level continually. It is dedication to education the keeps them on the cutting-edge of the dental world. Their processes are constantly being reevaluated based on new education and new findings in the dental world that come out. They understand the technology is the way of the world and blend it together beautifully with old world expertise and customer service.

The professional Tulsa dentist are proud to serve the Tulsa community. They would love to give you the experience of experiencing how powerful their cutting-edge technique is when you have a procedure done and he knows done to the highest and best quality you can be certain that you will receive a boost of confidence. When you become more confident and makes it easier for you to go out and take on the world one dream at a time. The professionals at Cell Tulsa Dental Would Love to Make This Dream Come True for You through a New Smile.

Through receive an experience of dental which uses cutting-edge technology, and promises that all the procedures they provide for you will be done with the highest level of education and expertise. They also promise to do everything in their power to make your experience and enjoyable one. Call 918-628-0834 and schedule your appointment. Remember all first time visitors receive a free $99 cleaning and x-ray. So call today and find out how they can transform your smile.

Great Services Provided

This content was written for South Tulsa Dental.

South Tulsa D serving the Tulsa community since 2007. The Tulsa dentist office of Dr. Tricinella is a favorite among the Tulsa community. Prior to opening his office Cell Tulsa Dental He Received His Bachelors Degree in B from Northeastern State University in Tulsa, then immediately went on to pursue his Doctorate degree from the University of Oklahoma. His office now holds specialties. Cosmetic and family dentistry, with a particular emphasis on esthetic and computerized CAD/CAM dentistry, digital X-rays, and same day emergency services. Since graduating into the Tulsa dental community Dr. Tricinella has become involved with the following affiliations American Dental Association, Oklahoma Dental Association, the Academy of General Dentistry, and the Oklahoma Academy of General Dentistry. Set your appointment today at 918-628-0834.

If you have taken anytime recently to look through a phone book you probably noticed a tremendous amount of different choices when it comes to Tulsa dentist.
The decision to choose can be one of anxiety and frustration when it comes to finding the right office for your specific dental needs. You may want to find an office that is professional while offering affordable payment plans. While you are in luck at South Tulsa Dental they offer all these things. Whether you’re looking to have a procedure for cosmetic dentistry, veneers, teeth whitening, crowns and bridges, or dentures.
They will not only provide you with excellent service and your procedure, but they also offer affordable payment plans so the matter what your financial situation is you can afford this. They understand that dental can be quite expensive and they desire to make it as affordable for you as is possible. They promise that your service and procedure will be of the highest quality level every time. It is their goal and desire to do this for you, because they are compassionate and passionate about what they do as dentist.

They understand as Tulsa dentist they have the power to potentially transform your life. They understand that if you receive a brand-new smile beautiful white teeth it is more likely to help boost your self-confidence. They understand that when someone meet you for the first time thing they generally noticed most is your smile first. Is this understanding that is help them to focus on treating you with the best possible procedures to give you the best possible results. Gives them great joy to see you as the patient receive a brand-new smile and be transformed.

To receive beautiful and professional service at an affordable price call 918-628-0834 and speak to one of the professional staff members at South Tulsa Dental about how they can help you with your smile. They are genuine individuals and they work tirelessly to provide you with the service that is not only excellent, but easy on your finances. They are passionate about what they do, and would love the opportunity to assist you, and potentially transform your life forever.

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