South Tulsa Dental for Tulsa Dentures

This content was written for South Tulsa Dental

South Tulsa Dental for Tulsa Dentures

Are you looking for the best dentist in Tulsa dentures? Are you looking for the dental clinic with the most options for dentures or partials, and the most knowledgeable and qualified dentist? Look no further than South Tulsa Dental for your dental care needs. You will find out that they have the highest quality of customer service and professionalism in South Tulsa. You can find out more and get started today by visiting

For Tulsa dentures the best place for you and your family is South Tulsa Dental. They are known for creating healthy smiles in making their patients feel younger. The goal is to promote and improve self-worth and build self-confidence through bright and vibrant smiles. This transformation can be just as simple as a classic teach whitening at South Tulsa Dental. You will absolutely love the staff there.

They are highly dedicated in making sure that the patient experience was the most comfortable and memorable. Offering a variety of dental insurance plans and finance options receiving dental treatment at South Tulsa Dental is very easy and affordable. The kind of care and compassion you will receive from the staff there is absolutely unmatched. They offer plenty of advanced technology for the comfort and convenience of their dental patients. Whether you’re looking for a simple checkup or a full mouth makeover South Tulsa Dental is where you should bring your family.

Dr. Chris Tricinella is the dentist at South Tulsa Dental and is very knowledgeable and dentures and partial treatment and procedures. He is great at providing treatment for your dentures making sure they properly replace the original missing teeth and resemble your natural teeth preserving speech and helping the patient chewing. Dr. Tricinella continually attends educational classes to stay up-to-date on the latest technology of dentistry. Graduating from Northeastern State University and the University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry he has obtained his Bachelors Degree in Biology and his Doctorate of Dental Surgery. This dentist is definitely the most qualified to serve your dental needs.

So whether you’re needing dentures and partials, cosmetic dentistry, crowns and bridges, veneers, emergency services, Botox, or just plain old teeth whitening you should definitely come to South Tulsa Dental. Is the best place for you and your family to receive the highest quality of dental care. You need a dentist that believes in constantly getting better and never learning enough to perfect his craft. The best dentist for the best dental care can give you the best smile and help you build self-confidence. Get ready to show your beautiful smile to the world. Call 918-628-0834 and or visit today.

This content was written for South Tulsa Dental

South Tulsa Dental for Dentures Tulsa

Are you needing dentures or partial work? Are you seeking the best dentist in the South Tulsa area? Well South Tulsa Dental is your best option for dentures Tulsa. They have the most professional staff displaying the highest qualities of customer service and the most knowledgeable dentist to meet your dental needs. Visit for dental services today.

South Tulsa Dental is known in Tulsa for providing the best and most efficient dental care, the most care and compassion for their patients, and the highest quality of customer service. Their goal is to bring back beautiful and vibrant smiles to the world. They believe that a healthy smile makes the patient feel more youthful and of higher worth. South Tulsa Dental makes bringing back your self-confidence easy with teeth whitening and it’s done very quickly. They want to make sure their patients have the best possible dental experience.

Dr. Chris Tricinella is the dentist at South Tulsa Dental and is dedicated to his patients and bringing back great smiles. Possessing his Bachelors Degree in Biology and his Doctorate of Dental Surgery, Dr. Tricinella is very skilled and educated in dental areas such as teeth whitening, crowns and bridges, emergency services, cosmetic dentistry, veneers, Botox, and dentures and partials. Dr. Tricinella can provide the dentures or partial that you need is a patient to have a better smile. He offers dentures Tulsa services and these dentures are designed to closely resemble natural teeth, help with chewing, and preserve speech. Dentures and partials are simply removable appliances that are used to replace the original missing teeth.

Dr. Tricinella continues to stay current and well educated in the latest technologies of dentistry by continuing to attend educational classes to farther broaden his skills. He attended Northeastern State University and the University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry, and is currently the president for the Oklahoma Academy of Gen. Dentistry. He Is Affiliated with the American Dental Association as well as the Oklahoma Dental Association, and also volunteers as dental services to the community through Eastern Oklahoma Donated Dental Services. He is also the proud official dentist for the Tulsa Roughnecks. Dr. Tricinella is an all around family oriented dentist.

So for the best option in dentures Tulsa and the best dental care and South Tulsa you should choose South Tulsa Dental. Dr. Chris Tricinella and his wonderful staff have the right knowledge and tools in place to bring your family smiles back to brightness and vibrance. There’s nothing like a family with pride smiles and high self-confidence. Sounds like the recipe for success. Let the dentist and staff at South Tulsa Dental brighten your day and smile with state of the art dental care. Call 918-628-0834 today.


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