At South Tulsa Dental, you will benefit from ultimate quality comprehensive and advanced dental care from Dr. Chris Tricinella and his excellent staff. When you arrive at the attractive, expertly equipped office located on East 61st Street in Tulsa, you will be greeted warmly and welcomed into the calm, friendly and caring atmosphere of this state-of-the-art, full-service dental practice. Using the latest technology, equipment and techniques, this fine caliber, highly experienced group of Tulsa dentist professionals will perform a thorough dental examination that includes any tests, imaging and other procedures necessary.

Dr. Tricinella will then discuss your dental issues and needs with you before he and his staff begin your dental treatment. All of the members of this expert dental practice are committed to providing you with top-level dental treatment and care while alleviating your pain and discomfort. Many procedures can be completed within a single visit to enable you to return to your normal daily schedule, pain-free and smiling brightly.

Expert Tulsa Dentist Services Provided by the Professional Staff at South Tulsa Dental

As a leading Tulsa dentist, Dr. Tricinella along with his excellent staff uses the latest advanced technology and methods to provide patients with the following full dental services:

Cosmetic Dentistry. Your smile is your initial visual greeting when you meet friends, acquaintances and business associates. If your teeth are crooked, broken, discolored or have gaps between them, you may be hesitant to smile. Over time, you may lose self-confidence and avoid meeting new people.

With treatment from the fine dental team at South Tulsa Dental, you can regain your brightly shining white teeth and smile along with your self-esteem. Even slightly stained teeth can affect your self-image. Our dedicated Tulsa dentist professionals will repair chipped, cracked and split teeth, giving you the flawless, brilliant smile that reflects your true personality.

Pediatric & Family Dentistry. This welcoming dental office offers a friendly, relaxed setting that is designed to appeal to every member of your family. The genuine positive atmosphere of the office interiors and dental practice is what makes it an attractive and inviting example of the very best that a dentistry practice can offer. This highly appealing dental care setting that offers the advanced treatment technologies and expertise of Dr. Tricinella, an excellent Tulsa dentist, and his staff is what makes South Tulsa Dental a leader in excellent contemporary dental care for the entire family.

The office is equipped with free WiFi and multiple television screens for the enjoyment of all clients. Your child’s first appointment with the dentist should be positive and memorable. With an excellent initial dental visit and lasting impression, your child will be off to the best start possible for a lifetime of good dental health. At South Tulsa Dental, children learn about dental tools and good teeth cleaning techniques. Every child who visits this superb Tulsa dentist office receives a new toothbrush and instructions for best brushing practices.

When they behave well, youngsters who are patients of South Tulsa Dental can visit the office toy box before they leave. Children also learn about the importance of regular checkups for ensuring excellent dental health. Even small children become comfortable with teeth cleaning and dental care techniques. They are given demonstrations about various basic aspects of good oral health. They learn about habits and foods that may work against having healthy teeth.

Veneers. These thin, attractive porcelain tooth coverings completely hide chipped, darkened or otherwise damaged teeth. They can also reshape patients’ teeth and provide a bright, lustrous smile. This facial transformation can be rapid and dynamic for patients since veneers can be produced within a short time-frame. A client’s smile can also be greatly enhanced with the use of dental bleaching. This brightening method is cost-efficient, very effective and can be completed relatively quickly at South Tulsa Dental.

During the first appointment at this fine Tulsa dentist office, the patient’s gums are painted with the application of a protective coating. Afterward, multiple layers of bleaching solution are applied to the teeth. Impressions are then made of both upper and lower teeth for creating models for producing customized trays to fit smoothly over the patient’s teeth. The trays are employed for providing additional whitening and enabling patients to continue touch-ups of the bleaching effects with the use of a gel. In many instances, patients are delighted to see much whiter, beautiful teeth right away.

Teeth Whitening. The process of dental bleaching can be done as a separate treatment or in conjunction with other dental treatments and procedures at South Tulsa Dental. Whitening can give you a sparkling, bright smile and an enhanced self image. After the application of a protective coating on your gum tissues, the bleaching solution is layered onto your teeth. Impressions are then made of both the upper and lower teeth for creating trays to fit perfectly over your teeth. At this Tulsa dentist office, gel is added to the trays, and the trays are inserted in your mouth to cover your teeth. Later, at home, you will continue this process to the degree needed for dazzling white teeth.

Crowns & Bridges. As a dental appliance, a bridge replaces missing teeth and is permanently fixed where teeth are missing in the mouth. Bridges are created to blend with the rest of a patient’s teeth and can be composed of various materials. These bridges are important for alleviating dental problems that can result from the spatial gaps in the mouth when teeth are missing. These problems may include the shifting of nearby teeth into the empty space. Over time, patients can develop such issues as periodontal disease. They may also have difficulty chewing food and enjoying meals.

Crowns are caps or protective covers to be positioned over the tops of teeth that are deteriorating. For teeth that cannot be restored, these crowns give the teeth their natural shape. They also reinforce and safeguard damaged teeth. Crowns are also made from varied materials, including gold and ceramic. A ceramic tooth restoration can be completed in a single patient visit to the dentist.

After a computerized, customized restoration design is prepared with the aid of a 3D camera at South Tulsa Dental, a crown is produced. When the restoration is fully formed, it receives a porcelain glaze in the lab to match the patient’s natural teeth. This crown in then affixed to the tooth with cement and the patient’s bite is examined and approved by the dentist. A ceramic crown placement can be completed within a little more than an hour, and a gold crown requires a second patient visit to this expert Tulsa dentist.

– Sedation Dentistry. With the aid of dental sedation at South Tulsa Dental, patients can feel less stressful at their appointments for dental procedures. Several grades of sedation are available to patients of South Tulsa Dental. For patients who experience fear before their dental procedures, nitrous oxide (commonly called laughing gas) is very helpful. To prepare a patient for dental work, a mask is placed over the nose for breathing a combination of oxygen and sedative gas. This is a safe and easy procedure. Many patients favor sedation by nitrous oxide since it does not interfere with returning to a regular daily schedule following dental treatment.

Some patients of this ultimate quality Tulsa dentist may require conscious sedation before oral procedures. This involves the patient taking a pill an hour ahead of treatment. This safe sedative used by South Tulsa Dental induces sleep, and the patient must have a driver for leaving the dental office after a dental procedure. Some sedation dentistry methods are not covered by dental insurance. However, deep sedation or the use of a general anesthesia is often covered since it qualifies as being medically necessary.

Dentures & Partial. As removable oral appliances, dentures are used for replacing missing teeth. They can be created to look like the patient’s natural teeth. They maintain good, clear speaking habits while helping users chew normally. Many patients who wear dentures have brighter, more pleasing smiles than before. Complete dentures replace a full mouth of teeth, and partial dentures replace several teeth in an arch when attached to natural teeth on either side by your Tulsa dentist.

Botox & Juvederm. Botox Cosmetic is a non-surgical treatment for wrinkle removal. It can leave patients looking much younger than their years. After its use to treat more than 11 million patients around the globe, it has proven to be highly effective. This treatment by your Tulsa dentist actually reverses such signs of aging as wrinkles, deep lines and folds of the skin. It is a fast, simple application that blocks certain muscular nerve impulses, which prevents the development of skin wrinkling and reverses current lines and creases.

During a Botox Cosmetic treatment from your Tulsa dentist, areas of skin to be treated are covered with cold packs or an anesthetic cream until the skin becomes numb. Afterward, small injections are made in the skin with only slight, if any, feelings of sensitivity resulting. This highly effective treatment can last for as long as one year.

Juvederm, a gel filler, is applied to lessen and smooth out skin creases, deep lines and wrinkles surrounding the mouth and nose. Effects can be detected immediately after its use. It is used often also for adding plumpness and volume to the chin and lips. This treatment revitalizes the skin, giving the face a younger, healthy and natural shape in a single visit to the office of your Tulsa dentist. Juvederm actually replaces hyaluronic acid in the skin, which gives the skin better elasticity, smoothness and volume. Juvederm is produced with the use of a Hylacross technology. This makes a smooth gel to which Lidocaine is added for increased patient comfort during the treatment session.

Emergency Dental Services. Dr. Tricinella, your expert Tulsa dentist, and his staff at South Tulsa Dental see any patient who has severe tooth-related pain the very same day. There are many major causes of excessive tooth pain, including tooth decay, varied traumatic injuries and many types of sports injuries. Trauma from different types of accidents and injuries can result in broken or chipped teeth. Dr. Tricinella uses his expertise in cosmetic dental procedures to treat these conditions on the day that tooth trauma occurs.

EODDS: Eastern Oklahoma Donated Dental Services. Free dental care and dental education along with oral/denture health care supplies are provided to mentally or physically disabled, economically challenged and senior residents of eastern Oklahoma and others needing free services.

Dr. Tricinella Provides State-of-the-Art Cosmetic and Family Dental Care for Radiant, Healthy Smiles

Dr. Christopher Tricinella is a native of Tulsa and received his Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from Northeastern State University. He continued his education at the University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry, graduating with a Doctor of Dental Surgery in 2007. During the last 12 years, he has operated his highly successful dental practice at South Tulsa Dental. Dr. Tricinella, a leading and highly respected Tulsa dentist, and his exceptionally fine staff are committed to providing optimal quality, caring and compassionate dental care to patients throughout Tulsa and surrounding regions.

As an expert Tulsa dentist practitioner in all areas of cosmetic and family dentistry, Dr. Tricinella is strongly focused on aesthetic and computerized CAD/CAM dentistry as well as digital-rays and same-day emergency dental treatment. He stays well informed concerning the latest updates and advancements in dental technology by attending numerous continuing education courses. Currently, Dr. Tricinella is certified in adult conscious sedation. This offers a welcome and calming alternative for any patients of South Tulsa Dental who have a fear of undergoing dental procedures.

He has many esteemed professional affiliations, which include the American Dental Association and the Oklahoma Dental Association. Dr. Tricinella is also affiliated with the Academy of General Dentistry and is a member of the board of directors for the Oklahoma Academy of General Dentistry. Dr. Tricinella provides a variety of complimentary dental care services to individuals in need as a volunteer for Eastern Oklahoma Donated Dental Services.

In addition, as a well-known Tulsa dentist, he is pleased to provide official dental services for the Tulsa Roughnecks as the respected head of South Tulsa Dental. Although he devotes admirable amounts of time and energy to his extensive professional dental practice, Dr. Tricinella also values and enjoys spending time relaxing with his family.

For ultimate quality, full-service dental care services, contact South Tulsa Dental today to schedule your initial consultation appointment. These top-tier dental care experts led by Dr. Tricinella will resolve all of your dental issues with the latest advanced treatment methods and technologies. Soon, you will have excellent oral healthcare and the brilliantly sparkling smile of your dreams. You can reach the office and friendly, caring staff by phone, by email or by visiting the office website at

If you have questions about dental care or dentists in the Tulsa area call South Tulsa Dental today at (918) 628-0834.

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