At South Tulsa Dental, our practice has a history of excellence. We give our patient base access to dental treatments that are of the strongest quality possible. We do so from our modern and technologically advanced clinic as well. If you want to delve into all of the finest dental treatment choices around, you can take a look at our plentiful options.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Tulsa

Cosmetic dentistry can better the appearance of the teeth. It can benefit patients with unsightly tooth discoloration, stains, chips, splits, cracks, loss and much more. If you want to take care of a tooth that an odd shape, cosmetic treatment may be the way to go.

Veneers from the best Tulsa Dentist

Dental veneers can take care of a broad range of woes. They can aid patients with chipping, inconsistent teeth length, openings and deep staining. A good dentist can provide you with dental veneers that are durable and that can stand the test of time. Veneers aren’t at all vulnerable to staining themselves.

Teeth Whitening in Tulsa

A cosmetic dentist can offer you teeth whitening treatment that can eliminate or minimize indications of staining and discoloration on the teeth. Many things can bring on stains and discoloration. Beverages such as red wine, tea, cola and coffee can. Oral hygiene practices that are faulty can bring these things on as well.

Crowns and Bridges in Tulsa

Dental crowns and bridges can manage all sorts of needs in patients. If you need a dentist who can help you conceal irregularities on the top of your teeth, you should look into these specialties. These things can aid patients with missing teeth, chipping, shape issues, length abnormalities and a whole lot more.

Sedation Dentistry in Tulsa

Sedation dentistry can be helpful to patients who have severe nerves that relate to dental care. If the mere idea of going to the dentist for an appointment fills you with a sense of panic, sedation may be a strong choice for you. Sedation dentistry can make a fine option for people who have in-depth dental treatment requirements. If you need assistance with gum disease, sedation dentistry may come in handy.

Dentures and Partials in Tulsa

Complete and partial dentals can accommodate patients with a host of concerns. If you have missing teeth that are making your smile look less than amazing, complete or partial dentures may be able to save you. Talk to your dentist about these substitute teeth. Patients can take them out of their mouths when they want, too.

Emergency Dental Services

If you have a toothache that’s so bad that it’s keeping you up all night long, then you may be a good candidate for prompt emergency services. Emergency dental attention can be useful for everything from severe toothaches to oral injuries and beyond. It’s accessible around the clock.

Pediatric and Family Dentistry

Are you searching for a dentist who can look after your entire family, kids included? We offer thorough dental examinations and cleaning sessions that are appropriate for the whole family. If you need a skilled dentist who can provide a nervous child with patient dental care, pediatric assistance is optimal.

EODDS Eastern Oklahoma Donated Dental Services

If you want more information that pertains to dental treatments, reach out to EODDS Eastern Oklahoma Donated Dental Services right away. Eastern Oklahoma Donated Dental Services is a not-for-profit group that can clearly answer any and all of your dentistry questions.

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